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Bag Series

BB 007-III (U) Backpack

BB 007-III Backpack

BB 3641-II Backpack

BB 009-IV Backpack

CF 621-III A4 Certificate Holder

CF 619 A4 Certificate Holder

CF 625-II A4 Certificate Holder

CF 620 Certificate Scroll

BC 3618-II Cooler Bag

BC 3617 Cooler Bag

BC 3625-II Cooler Bag

BC 3626 Cooler Bag

BP 4033 Cosmetic Bag

BP 4024 Cosmetic Bag

BP 4025 Cosmetic Pouch

BP 4023 Cosmetic Pouch

BD 1616-III Laptop Bag / Document Bag

BD 2961 Document Bag

BD 2648-II Document Bag

BD 2647-III Document Bag

BH 2407 Shopping Bag

BS 1102-II Canvas Bag

BS 1100-II Canvas Bag

BS 5242 Laminated Juco Bag with Velcro

BS 2871 Foldable Bag with Pouch

BS 2870 Foldable Bag with Pouch


BG 813-IV Golf Bag


BHK 1934-IV Hiking Bag

BHK 1934-II Hiking Bag

BHK 1934 Hiking Bag


BL 9133-II Laptop Backpack

BL 4347-II Laptop Backpack

BL 4346-II Laptop Backpack

BL 9132 Laptop Backpack

BL 2991 Laptop Sleeve

BL 1671-III 2 Way Laptop Bag

BL 1608-III Laptop Bag

BD 1616-II Laptop Bag / Document Bag

WB 5710 Non Woven Bag

WB 2683-II Non Woven Bag (Ultrasonic)

BWB 5588 Non Woven Bag (Ultrasonic)

WB 2685 Non Woven Bag (Ultrasonic)

PB 633 Paper Gift Bag

PB 632 Recycle Paper Bag

PB 963 Recycle Paper Bag

PB 962 Recycle Paper Bag

CH 967-II Travel Organizer

CH 968 Travel Organizer

CH 967 Travel Organizer


BBS 737-II School Bag

BBS 743 Trolley School Bag

BBS 742 School Bag

BBS 739 School Bag

SF 246-III Seminar Folder

SF 4470 A4 Ring File

SF 4469 Expanding File

SF 1940-IV PU Seminar Folder with Calculator & Writing Pad

BSH 5655-II Shoe Bag / Multipurpose Bag

BSH 3656 Shoe Bag / Multipurpose Bag

BSH 3653 Shoe Bag

BSH 3654-III Shoe Bag

BS 3367-III Drawstring Bag

BS 4293 Sling Bag / Clutch Bag

BS 4291 Sling Bag

BS 3369 Sling Bag

BTL 4038 Multipurpose / Toiletries Bag

BTL 4031-II Multipurpose / Toiletries Bag

BTL 2668 Multipurpose Bag

BTL 1668-IV Toiletries Bag

BH 2406-III Tote Bag

BH 2406-II Tote Bag


BT 1584-II Traveling Bag

BT 1664 Travelling Bag

BT 427 Travelling Bag

BT 3119-II Foldable Travelling Bag

BB 2404 Knapsack

BB 3300-III Triangular Knapsack

BB 2403 Knapsack

BB 2402 Triangular Knapsack

BL 1903-IV Trolley Luggage

BL 1903-III Trolley Luggage

BL 2151-II, BL 2150-II, BL 2152 Trolley Luggage

BL 2150 / BL 2151 Trolley Luggage

BW 1677-II Waist Pouch

BW 3029 Waist Pouch

BW 3031 Waist Pouch

BW 5156-II Waist Pouch

BS 5243 Shopping Bag

BM 138 Multipurpose Pouch

BO 234 Multifunction Digital Storage Box

BM 139 Canvas Pouch

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